THE MUSTARD CLUB by Bertie Hipkin

Bertie Hipkin is a 2nd year Architecture student from Norwich University of the Arts with a keen interest in both graphic and 3D design. Bertie has a particular interested in the challenges of creating affordable eco housing, which isn’t just a box, and is fascinated in the progression of drone technology and the potential applications for it in the creative industry.

This project for FANN 2015 (Festival of Architecture in Norwich & Norfolk) uses the facade of Colman’s Factory, which stretches along the River Wensum, demonstrating a number of architectural phases through the life of the building (beginning in 1814). The more recent additions to the site bear resemblance to the styling of the AEG Factory and Fagus Factories of early 20th century German construction and this is combined with the structure of traditional mill buildings from the mid 19th century Britain. The mixture of periods is captivating, showing the necessity of change over the years in order to stay efficient, with many parts of the building being no longer used at all, and others crudely modified for their new roles.

By using pencil drawing, Bertie has attempted to recreate the elevation of the factory as it would have been upon its completion; to capture the original cleanliness and symmetrical repetition of its design in a traditional architectural fashion. The work at The Bridge displays a comparison of the building’s original facade with the sad and uncared for factory which operates today.

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