DRAWINGS FOR BABES: Illustrations by Lucy Ducker

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Lucy Ducker. Here you will find visions of the expected as the unexpected; animals, water beasts and insects re-imagined from your most surreal dreams into a kaleidoscope of colour. This month THE BRIDGE showcases a selection of Lucy’s painterly illustrations in Drawings For Babes.

Lucy is a lady who boasts many talents. After graduating in Technical Effects for Performance from London College of Fashion, she has forged her career as a ‘maker’, now working predominantly as a prop and puppet maker. As a competent seamstress, much of Lucy’s experience has been in the realm of costume making, with clients such as Pixar, Cartoon Network and the BBC. Under the umbrella of ‘maker’ her most significant project to date was Aurora for Greenpeace, where she used her skills as a sculptor to help create a giant polar bear puppet. The size of a double-decker bus, the polar bear walked through the streets of London last year, to help raise awareness for some of Greenpeace’s causes.

The water-colour illustrations on the wall started innocently as gifts for the children of Lucy’s friends. Representing just a fraction of the depth of her imagination, each scene oozes a unique charm and humour (even the scarier ones) with the sole intention to make us happy!

For more information about Lucy’s work email lucyducker1@gmail.com or visit her website www.lucyducker.com.

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