DEATH & REBIRTH: New Drawings by Mathew Bargery

This month at The Bridge, the aptly named DEATH & REBIRTH presents us with a body of work marking a departure from Mathew Bargery’s better known graphic illustrations under the guise of A Strange Form of Life. Over the past year or so, Mathew has been concentrating on the development his tattoo practice and these drawings have been born from those efforts. Currently he is on apprenticeship at Indigo Piercing & Tattoo. This has enabled him to discover a love for monochrome and to continue to learn more about drawing, and how it works on the body as opposed to a traditional illustration.

Originally hailing from Guildford in Surrey, Mathew moved to Norfolk with his family and his experience here in daily life fuels the inspiration for his work. His illustrations have appeared in various exhibitions at The Birdcage, Moosey Art’s charity auction Food In Their Mouths in 2013 and publications such as Studio Rarekwai’s Sticker Bomb.

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