Floss Pottage

“I’m Floss and I am currently finishing my degree in Illustration at NUA.  I mostly enjoy creating work for children with the goal to have a children’s book published one day.  I also really enjoy drawing and I could doodle for days (I often think that my doodles and drawings are my most successful work!).  I create my work digitally on my Ipad but I am trying to find ways to make it not look ‘too digital’ as I love traditional textures and mark making.

I am inspired by many things including nature, interesting objects, and stories.  I like to try and create a story through my work.  However, I’m not always inspired and, like most artists, struggle with art block.  The idea to create work from random sentences came along when I was struggling with this and I couldn’t seem to do anything but doodle hands and mugs.  I find this exercise really helps to expand my imagination and create bizarre and fun work which offers an insight into the mind of children which are filled with crazy and imaginative ideas.

I am about to start my final project for uni and am planning to create more work for children’s books and comics.  So come and see the NUA Illustration degree show next summer to see how it turns out!”


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Lauren Gregory