Sam Harrons is an artist/designer based in Norwich working under the name “Samu.” 

He creates minimalist abstract art inspired by organic, botanical forms and things he finds on his travels with much of his work made using sustainable /eco-friendly materials to align with Sam’s environmental values.  

Traditionally Samu is a word from Zen Buddhism that refers to physical work, done mindfully as a spiritual practice. This, for example, could be cleaning, gardening or cooking. In a time of mass digital multitasking and consumption of daily information, Sam often finds himself very disconnected from the present moment. He uses the traditional samu practice in his own creative process as a means to reconnect with the present moment and to calm the monkey mind. 

His intention is to create aesthetically pleasing work that transmits good vibes and through this ethos and samu concept, hopes to inspire people to live more mindful and sustainable lives. 

Available for commissions, wall murals & commercial design.



Lauren Gregory